Restime / Naptime

This is a time to relax and wind down from the day’s activities. It gives the body and brains a chance to refuel.

Restime/naptime is from 1:15pm/1:30pm to 2:45pm. All children must rest as this is the time allotted for staff break times and preparation for the afternoon activities as well as clean up.

The centre supplies mats for the children to sleep on. The mats are foam-covered vinyl. However, we insist that all children provide a sheet to cover the mats.

Supplies needed:

- Crib sheet or sheet with elastic sides
- Blanket
- Small pillow (optional)
- Stuffed animal (optional)

These will be stored at the centre, so please label all items with your child’s name
All blankets and sheets will be sent home every 2 weeks for laundry. In cases of an outbreak of lice, blankets and sheets will be sent home weekly.